American College of Governance Counsel Picks New Fellows

The American College of Governance Counsel, an organization of leading corporate governance lawyers from the U.S, and Canada, has elected its Second Class of 20 Fellows and one Honorary Fellow.

“The election of this group of distinguished lawyers from private practice, as well as several prominent general counsel and respected academics, will enhance the ability of the College to pursue its mission of promoting a high level of professional standards among governance practitioners and a better understanding and broader adoption of best governance practices,” said John F. Olson, Chair of the College.

The election of the second group of Fellows will bring the ranks of the College to 69 Fellows and Honorary Fellows.

“The newly-elected Fellows were elected following a rigorous selection process that considered the candidates’ professional accomplishments as well as their contributions to the field of governance through speaking, writing or other thought leadership activities,” added Frank M. Placenti, President of the College.

Through its programs, the College, which was established in 2014, addresses the major governance issues facing business enterprises, including challenges to traditional models of governance, risk management, shareholder engagement, and an increasingly complex regulatory and enforcement environment.

New Fellows:

Robert Bostrom
John C. Coffee, Jr.
Dorian Daley
Charles Elson
Allen C. Goolsby
Joseph A. Grundfest
Robert V. Gunderson, Jr.
Michael J. Halloran
Lawrence Hamermesh
Hon. Jack B. Jacobs
David G. Leitch
David C. McBride
Bruce A. Mann
Faiza Saeed
Hillary A. Sale
Brad Smith
John Stout
Lynn Stout
Larry Thompson
Patricia Vlahakis

Honorary Fellow:
David S. Ruder

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  1. Oliver Budde

    Larry Thompson? He of Thompson memo fame? Progenitor of NPAs, DPAs, the Holder doctrine and all the subsequent perversions of justice (and Justice)? He who cashed out big time at noble corporate citizen Pepsico?

    “The call is coming from inside the house.” To this observer, Thompson’s addition to the “college” muddies the toilet water considerably.

    Then again, when you are founded by the likes of a Marty Lipton, expectations among the informed are not that high to begin with.

    Professor Coffee, why are you associated with this group? Are we to believe that you, who expends so much effort to give the impression that you are a sincere advocate for the people, are there in the hope of cleaning up the group’s and their clients’ acts? For that is the most charitable explanation I can come up with. And yet it just does not wash. This is a college populated with wholly irredeemable enablers of the worst in corporate governance, and I know you know that sir.

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