CamberView Discusses ISS Changes to Compensation-Related Methodologies

On December 14,  ISS released its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents on U.S. Compensation Policies and U.S. Equity Compensation Plans as well as a whitepaper on Pay-for-Performance Mechanics designed to help stakeholders understand upcoming changes to its compensation-related methodologies. These documents are ISS’s final, and more fulsome, description of the methodological changes previewed in its preliminary FAQs document which was released in November. All changes will be effective for annual meetings on or after February 1, 2018.

ISS announced two key changes to its methodology for 2018. First, ISS modified its quantitative pay-for-performance screen, most notably by adding a new … Read more

Covington & Burling Discusses the STOCK Act Opening Up a New Front for Insider Trading Cases

The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened what the Washington Post calls a “new front” in its “escalating … crackdown on insider trading.” At the center of this new front are entities that trade securities based on government information. Unless they are careful, lobbying or consulting firms that obtain non-public government information and clients of those firms may find themselves in the middle of this crackdown. In this advisory, we summarize the insider trading provisions of the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge Act (the “STOCK Act”), explain why these restrictions matter to those outside of government, and offer guidelines for … Read more

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Editor's Tweet: Covington & Burling Discusses the STOCK Act Opening Up a New Front for Insider Trading Cases