Paul Weiss Offers M&A at a Glance for October 2019

M&A activity in the U.S. and worldwide was mixed in October. The number of deals continued to fall with a decline of 11.2% in the U.S., to 744, and of 8.1% globally, to 2,708. At the same time, total deal value[1] rose by 37.5% in the U.S., to $99.29 billion, and by 47.2% globally, to $282.72 billion. Average deal value also increased by 54.8% in the U.S., to $133.5 million, and by 60.2% globally, to $104.4 million.  Figure 1.

Strategic vs. Sponsor Activity

The number of strategic deals decreased in the U.S. by 15.6% to 583 and globally … Read more

Paul Weiss Offers M&A at a Glance for May 2019

M&A activity in the U.S. and globally for the month of May was generally consistent with April levels. The most notable changes in May were an increase in the number of sponsor-related deals by almost 75% to 187 in the U.S. and by almost 40% to 404 globally.  The number of U.S. deals increased by 2.7%, to 760, while the number of global deals decreased by 5.2%, to 2,644. The total value of U.S. deals[1] decreased slightly by 1.1%, to $138.88 billion, and the total value of global deals increased by 4.5%, to $287.57 billion. Average value of announced … Read more