Paul Weiss Offers M&A at a Glance for August 2019

M&A activity in the U.S. and worldwide weakened in August across almost all indicators. The number of deals fell by 9.5% in the U.S., to 641, and by 21.9% globally, to 2,394. The total value of deals[1] fell by 14.3% in the U.S., to $119.86 billion, and by 21.9% globally, to $259.78 billion. Finally, average deal value decreased by 5.4% in the U.S., to $187.0 million, but stayed flat globally, at $108.5 million. Figure 1.

Strategic vs. Sponsor Activity

Both strategic and sponsor activity generally declined. The number of strategic deals decreased in the U.S. by 7.8% to … Read more