Latham & Watkins Discusses the JOBS Act after One Year: A Review of the New IPO Playbook

Latham & Watkins LLP has prepared a comprehensive report, “The JOBS Act After One Year: A Review of the New IPO Playbook.” The report focuses on Title I of the JOBS Act, which changed the initial public offering …

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Editor's Tweet: Latham & Watkins Discusses the JOBS Act after One Year: A Review of the New IPO Playbook

How VCs Induce Entrepreneurial Teams to Sell Startups

Venture capitalists (VCs) play a significant role in the financing of high-risk, technology-based business ventures. VC exits usually take one of three forms: an initial public offering (IPO) of a portfolio company’s shares, followed by the sale of the VC’s …

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Editor's Tweet: Professor Jesse Fried of Harvard Law School discusses how VCs induce eintrepreneurial teams to sell startups

Skadden Discusses Jumping the Gun: Social Media and IPO Communications Issues

Increasingly, companies are using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms, to engage with clients, customers, employees, shareholders and other key constituents. Promising a fast and low-cost means of disseminating information, social media also offers the potential …

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Editor's Tweet: Skadden discusses gun jumping issues relating to social media and IPO communications.

Gone With the Wind: Small IPOs, the JOBS Act, and Reality

A dramatic reversal occurred in the capital markets, beginning around 2000, and its causes and implications appear to have been widely misunderstood. From 1980 to 2000, an average of 310 operating companies did initial public offerings (IPOs) each year, but …

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Editor's Tweet: Professor Coffee discusses small IPOs, the JOBS Act, and reality. He suggests some alternative explanations for the decline of the IPO.

Re-energizing the IPO Market

In the policy-oriented paper, “Re-energizing the IPO Market,”which will be published in the 2013 Brookings Press book Restructuring to Speed Economic Recovery, I summarize results from a number of my related co-authored papers and address why IPO …

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Editor's Tweet: Leading expert on IPOs, Professor Jay Ritter (University of Florida) provides a summary of his work on why IPO volume continues to be so low