Davis Polk’s January 2013 Dodd-Frank Progress Report

Yesterday, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP released its January 2013 Dodd-Frank Progress Report, which can be found here.  This report is one in a series of Davis Polk presentations that illustrate graphically the progress of the rulemaking work that has been done and is yet to occur under the Dodd-Frank Act. The Progress Report has been prepared using data from the Davis Polk Regulatory Tracker™, an online subscription service offered by Davis Polk to help market participants understand the Dodd-Frank Act and follow regulatory developments on a real-time basis.  Earlier blog posts about the progress report can be found here.

In this report:

  • As of January 2, 2013, a total of 237 Dodd-Frank rulemaking requirement deadlines have passed. Of these 237 passed deadlines, 142 (59.9%) have been missed and 95 (40.1%) have been met with finalized rules.
  • In addition, 136 (34.2%) of the 398 total required rulemakings have been finalized, while 133 (33.4 %) rulemaking requirements have not yet been proposed.
  • Although no rulemaking requirements were due in December, the SEC released a final rule on requirements to search for lost securityholders, notification requirements with respect to unresponsive payees, and a final rule on requirements to search for lost securityholders.  The NCUA released a final rule on alternative credit ratings. The Federal Reserve released a proposed rule on enhanced prudential standards and early remediation requirements for foreign banking organizations and foreign nonbank financial companies.

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