The Marketplace of Ideas: Additional Reflections on Halliburton II

The CLS Blue Sky Blog presents Part II of the fourth installment of our series, “The Marketplace of Ideas.” Earlier installments on different topics are available herehere, and here. The intent is to provide different perspectives on the same subject by two or more authors.

In Part I of this installment, available here, we asked for reactions to the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc. Today, we have four additional comments on the case.

The first comment, Halliburton II and Market Efficiency, comes from Donald C. Langevoort of the Georgetown University Law Center.

The second comment, Who Won with Halliburton?, comes from Hillary A. Sale of Washington University in St. Louis.

The third comment, Halliburton II: Where Do We Go From Here?, comes from Meyer Eisenberg of Columbia Law School.

The fourth comment, Halliburton II and Stare Decisis, comes from James D. Nelson of Columbia Law School.

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