Introduction: Bill Allen As We Knew Him

The Blue Sky Blog has never before run eulogies, but Chancellor William Allen is a special case. Whether one evaluates him in terms of his historical significance, his unique craftsmanship as a judge, or his personal character and the courage he has shown in the face of adversity, he has few equals. He bridged an important transition during which Delaware’s jurisprudence went from being viewed skeptically as predictably pro-management to the current era in which Delaware decisions receive the same close and respectful attention as might be given to a U.S. Supreme Court decision. Chancellor Allen was not alone in winning respect for the Delaware judiciary, but he led the way.

To remember him, we have assembled three pieces by good friends who knew him well: one an academic, one a fellow judge who served alongside him, and a third by two practitioners who argued before him and later worked with him for many years.

John C. Coffee, Jr., is the Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law at Columbia University Law School and Director of its Center on Corporate Governance.