A New Podcast Debuts: The Cutting Edge

Today, the Blue Sky Blog launches its newest podcast series, The Cutting Edge: Current Issues in White Collar Crime and Corporate Governance. The series features top scholars, lawyers, and other esteemed figures in the legal world discussing breaking developments in white collar crime and corporate governance and the tough ethical and professional issues they raise. John C. Coffee Jr., the Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law at Columbia Law School, hosts the series, and Jed S. Rakoff, senior federal district judge in the Southern District of New York, joins as a commentator.

In Episode 1, Coffee and Rakoff speak with Mark F. Pomerantz, the renowned New York defense lawyer whom former Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. appointed last year to assist in a criminal investigation of former President Donald Trump’s finances. The three take listeners behind the scenes of the high-stakes investigation, the process of deciding whether to bring charges, and Pomerantz’s resignation after Vance’s successor declined to indict Trump.

You can listen to Episode 1 here:

You can read the transcript of the conversation here.