ALEA Deadline Is Today for Submitting Papers for Its 2024 Annual Meeting

American Law and Economics Association


Web Address:

2024 Annual Meeting

Friday and Saturday, May 17-18, 2024

University of Michigan


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  January 21, 2024, 11:59 p.m. (EST) 

[Extended to Wed., January 31, 2024, 11:59 p.m.]

The American Law and Economics Association solicits submissions of papers for our 2024 annual meeting, which will be hosted by the University of Michigan Law School.  Please note that the conference will be held on a Friday/Saturday.

To submit a paper for consideration, please click

Choose the “Submit Papers” link on the left‐hand side of the screen

Here are the ground rules for submission:

  • Number of submissions: You can submit no more than 2papers.
  • Number of Conference presentations: No person may present more than once during the conference. For example, if you have two papers accepted, you may present one, but if the paper is co-authored, your co-author could present the second paper. The expectation is that a person not have more than 2 papers at the conference, although exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, particularly in regard to papers with three or more coauthors.
  • Topic area: The topic areas have been modified slightly from 2023 so please review closely before submitting.
  • When submitting, you will be asked whether the paper is empirical, experimental, or theoretical; what Area the paper is submitted to (a second choice is also requested); whether and where the paper has been presented previously; and whether the paper is already slated for publication.

Please note that a paper must be (i) unpublished at the time of submission; (ii) expected to remain unpublished at the time of the conference; and, (iii) if accepted for publication by the time of the conference acceptance decision, early enough in the publication process so that comments at the conference can be reflected in a subsequent draft. If the paper is being submitted to a peer-reviewed journal where revisions are not possible after acceptance, the paper should not have been accepted at the time of submission.

  • Membership:Although you can submit a paper without paying ALEA dues, your paper will not be considered until you pay the dues.
  • Commitment to attend: Submission of a paper comes with a personal commitment to attend the meeting andpresent the paper at any time during the (Friday-Saturday) meeting should it be selected for the program (in the absence of extenuating circumstances). If you are unable to present at a certain time or date please indicate this in the “Submitters Comments” section on the submission site.
  • Decision letters: The ALEA Program Committee will send decision letters by late March, 2024.

Note on membership: To become an ALEA member or renew your membership for 2024 ($70; $30 for students), go to To see if you have paid your dues, please

  • select the “Membership Services” link; (ii) “clickhere” where indicated to enter the membership registration section; (iii) enter your email address (name is optional); and
  • click on your user name. You will see your membership status at the bottom of the page (including the “paid through” date). Pleasedo not email ALEA asking if you have paid your dues, unless you really need to do so.

Topic areas: There are 18 topic areas for submission. For each topic area, at least two Area Organizers will provide expertise in evaluating submissions. They will review the papers and recommend session panels to the Program Committee, which has ultimate responsibility for constructing the program. Papers authored by Area Organizers or members of the Program Committee (other than the chair, who is not allowed to submit) will be evaluated anonymously by subject matter experts selected by the Program Committee chair. All Area Organizers will be able (and are encouraged) to recommend to the Program Committee re‐assignments of papers they feel would be better considered in another area, but this process is improved by responding to the request for a second appropriate Area, if applicable.

The topic areas are:

  1. Antitrust and Competition Policy
  2. Commercial Law and Contracts
  3. Comparative and International Law
  4. Constitutional Law, Public Choice, and Political Economy
  5. Consumer Law
  6. Corporate Law and Governance
  7. Creditors, Borrowers, and Bankruptcy
  8. Criminal Law, and Law Enforcement
  9. Employment Law, Labor Law, and Family Law
  10. Financial Regulation and Fintech
  11. Health Law (including Public Health), Insurance Law and Torts
  12. Intellectual Property and Innovation
  13. Judicial Behavior, Legal Profession, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution
  14. Property, Environmental and Administrative Law
  15. Securities Law and Finance
  16. Tax, Public Finance, Non-Profits and Inequality
  17. Technology, Privacy, and Information
  18. Other*

* Please submit to the “Other” category only if there is no other area in which your paper would reasonably fit.

Note on Hotels: ALEA is currently negotiating discounted rates at hotels near the University of Michigan Law School.  We will post hotel information on our website when ready, so please check back often (we recommend making your reservations early).

We hope to see you in Ann Arbor in May!