Cleary Gottlieb Discusses SEC Action for Non-Disclosure of DOJ Investigation

Companies that face non-public government investigations frequently confront challenging questions regarding whether and when to disclose the existence of the investigation, how much to disclose, and any duty to update the disclosure as the investigation proceeds.  On the one hand, regulatory investigations are generally confidential and it is axiomatic that the existence of an investigation does not reflect a conclusion of wrongdoing.  The premature disclosure of what may turn out to be a baseless investigation (perhaps instigated by a person with a grudge or self-interest) can needlessly cause internal disruption, complicate an internal investigation, unnecessarily alarm current shareholders, and – … Read more

Cleary Gottlieb Analyzes Second Circuit Reversal of Rabobank Libor Convictions

On July 19, 2017, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held in United States v. Allen, No. 19-CR-898 (JAC), 2017 WL 3040201 (2d Cir. 2017) that the Fifth Amendment’s prohibition on the use of compelled testimony in American criminal proceedings applies to the use of testimony compelled by a foreign sovereign.  The court further held that when the government makes use of a witness who has been exposed to a defendant’s compelled testimony, the government bears the “heavy burden” to prove that the witness’s exposure to the compelled testimony did not “shape, alter, or affect the evidence used by … Read more