A Corporation’s Culture Will Dictate Its Fortunes

How direct is the link between corporate culture and a corporation’s fortunes?  A founder of five successful tech companies recently offered a clue when asked about what he would do differently as a founder and CEO:

“Many things, but I guess one thing that comes to mind is to realize earlier the importance of culture.  I discovered this through a spectacular hiring miss at my first company. The company was scaling up and getting its first real growth. I had previously been able to hire people informally. But for this hire, we did a nationwide search, and after interviewing 30 … Read more

Diversity’s Role in Boardroom Leadership

What does boardroom culture yield when a board commits to a broad embrace of diversity—including diversity of gender, ideas, ethnicity, race, education, age, and skills?  Do chances improve for decisions that help lead the company to maximize its potential and meet its leadership responsibilities?  And if so, how?

Given all the research data about boardroom diversity, it’s tempting to turn to data for answers.  Yet data are limited in what they can tell us about how diversity affects boardroom culture and leadership.  By contrast, examining the experiences of directors who have served on a board that embraced—or didn’t embrace—diversity as … Read more