Fraud on the Crypto Market

Investors now routinely turn to crypto asset trading for portfolio appreciation and diversification, but significant investor protection concerns loom. Between 2017 and 2019, thousands of crypto assets were offered to the public and others through initial coin offerings. Many of those offerings were legitimate, and the crypto assets they facilitated continue to support applications and actively trade on crypto exchanges. But many other crypto asset initial offerings were riddled with fraud, with crypto asset sponsors and others misrepresenting to investors key aspects of the offering.

Now, as crypto asset investing has evolved to include widescale secondary trading of crypto assets … Read more

Merger Breakups

One of today’s most pressing antitrust questions is how antitrust should address the conduct of dominant technology companies, such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Once heralded as the champions of innovation and the modern economy, these companies are now the subject of growing calls for their breakup, including through actions by the federal antitrust agencies to challenge and unwind key mergers in the technology industry, including Facebook-Instagram, Amazon-Whole Foods, and Google-DoubleClick.

But nearly every one of the technology mergers identified for challenge and breakup was previously reviewed and cleared by the antitrust agencies pursuant to the existing federal merger review … Read more