Covid and Cultural Due Diligence in M&A          

There’s reason to believe that M&A will rebound in 2021, according to Ernst & Young research.[1] Nevertheless, the multifarious challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly altered the climate for acquisitions.[2] Even in normal times, getting a deal to close does not guarantee long-term success of any business combination. According to a 2019 study by Deloitte, business executives increasingly cite successful post-merger integration “as the single most important factor that leads to a successful transaction (23 percent this year, up from 21 percent last year).”[3] Despite that acknowledged need to focus early on firm integration, many … Read more

The Need for Greater Discourse in Corporate Law

The following post comes to us from Michael R. Siebecker, Professor of Law at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. It is based on his recent paper, Bridging Troubled Waters: Linking Corporate Efficiency and Political Legitimacy Through a Discourse Theory of the Firm, which is forthcoming in the Ohio State Law Journal and is available here.

As corporations increasingly dominate our economic, social, and political lives—and as shareholders vie for greater influence over business policies—can a new “discourse theory” of the firm guide the evolution of corporate law better than current theories primarily focused on shareholder wealth … Read more

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Editor's Tweet: The Need for Greater Discourse in Corporate Law