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SEC Investor Advocate Calls Dual-Class Shares a Recipe for Disaster

Thank you, Kerrie Waring, for your kind introduction. I appreciate the opportunity to speak at a conference where you will spend the next two days discussing the stewardship responsibilities of shareholders.[1] I know you take those responsibilities seriously, and I do my best to encourage a regulatory environment that makes companies accountable to their shareholders.

Of course, before I begin, I must give the standard disclaimer given by all SEC speakers, that the views I express are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commissioners, or my colleagues on the

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SEC Investor Advocate Talks Investor Issues for 2019

Good afternoon. I hope you are enjoying this year’s edition of SEC Speaks, which gives the public a good overview of all the work that is going on at the Commission.[1] In the Office of the Investor Advocate, we track all of these issues, as well as the activities of the self-regulatory organizations, and this conference can give you some idea of the breadth of issues that are covered by the phenomenal staff in my Office. We also try to provide an important outreach mechanism so that Commissioners and staff can hear directly from investors and their representatives, and

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SEC Investor Advocate Discusses Mandatory Arbitration as Illusory Remedy for Shareholders

Today [February 24, 2018] is a special day for the [Securities and Exchange Commission’s] Office of the Investor Advocate.[1] I started this job four years ago today, and because I am the first Investor Advocate that is also the day the Office of the Investor Advocate came into existence. During the past four years, through the efforts of the talented and dedicated individuals who have joined my Office and work so hard to advocate for investors, we have helped to elevate the Commission’s thinking about the needs of today’s investors. And we continue to make progress in some important … Read more

SEC Investor Advocate Talks Dodd-Frank and Regulation’s Future

Today (November 16), we will consider the future of financial regulation and, more specifically, whether the Dodd-Frank Act went too far.[1].  I am I happy to share my views with you, but before I begin, I must give the standard disclaimer that my remarks are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission, the Commissioners or my colleagues on the Commission staff.

The Dodd-Frank Act, of course, was adopted in the wake of the financial crisis—which, as you’ll recall, was no ordinary crisis.  As of January 2011, when the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission issued

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