How Exclusion of Women and People of Color May Have Affected Debates About Corporate Purpose

Over the last few years, the #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter movements have facilitated a deeper understanding of racial and gender inequality and have, generally speaking, begun to create tangible changes within American life.  At the same time, corporations have begun to reflect on what role they play within the larger community.  Academic conversations over the past year have dedicated time and thought to the role of the corporation as it relates to race and gender.  One question deserving more time and attention, however, is the historical context in which the foundational debates on the appropriate role and purpose of the corporation, … Read more

Assessing Why Compliance Programs Fail

Compliance programs are ubiquitous and necessary in today’s institutions, yet these programs often fail to prevent misconduct. When investigating Michigan State University in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, for instance, the NCAA found no flaw with the university’s compliance program, which failed to detect and respond to Nassar’s misconduct despite multiple reported allegations over several decades.[1]

In analyzing compliance failures at Michigan State, Wells Fargo, Fox News, and countless other companies and institutions, the tendency is to focus on the immediate wrongdoing related to the compliance failure.  The question is, “Why did the compliance failure occur?”  This … Read more