Crowdfunding Securities: Recommendations for SEC Rulemaking

Title III of the JOBS Act, known as the CROWDFUND Act, authorizes the “crowdfunding” of securities, defined as selling securities online to many investors, each of whom contributes only a small amount.  See this post and paper.  The Act …

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Editor's Tweet: Professor Schwartz of the Univresity of Colorado Law School, Boulder discusses Crowdfunding Securities: SEC Rulemaking

Crowdfunding Securities: Two Novel Predictions

“Crowdfunding”—raising money over the Internet from many people, each of whom contributes only a small amount—is a billion-dollar business that is poised to grow.  On websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, artists, entrepreneurs and others ask “the crowd” to contribute capital …

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Editor's Tweet: Professor Andrew Schwartz of the University of Colorado Boulder discusses his new paper, "Crowdfunding Securities."