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SEC Commissioner Crenshaw Speaks at Small Business Forum

Good afternoon! Thank you Martha [Miller] for the warm introduction. It is wonderful to be here. I have truly enjoyed hearing from all of the panelists over the last several days. And I am particularly interested in today’s discussion focused on smaller public companies.

You may not know this about me, but I am the proud sister of an entrepreneur. My brother started his own business before the pandemic – and he is everything from the chief executive and chief financial officer to the IT and customer service departments to the expert on intellectual property issues. I know how challenging

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Mind the (Data) Gaps: SEC Commissioner Speaks at Conference on Financial Market Regulation

Before I begin my remarks, I need to mention that the views that I express today are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission or its staff.

To start, I want to note that I am thankful for the work that economists do inside and outside the SEC to help us understand the markets we regulate. It’s vital in terms of providing insight and analysis to help shape our regulatory approach. As those of you who have spoken to me may have noticed, I am not an economist. But I do have an economist’s love

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SEC Commissioner Crenshaw on Shareholder Proposals under Exchange Act Rule 14a-8

Today [September 23] the majority of the Commission is approving amendments to the procedures governing shareholder proposals. The amendments are described as a “modernization,”[1] designed to reduce costs for corporations. Even if I agreed that was necessary, I cannot agree with the method.

Before today, a shareholder needed to hold only $2,000 worth of a company’s securities for one year in order to submit a proposal for voting. This threshold allowed a broad array of investors to “speak” with a company and its shareholders. After today’s change, shareholders must own $25,000 worth of securities to have that same say.

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