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SEC Officials Issue Joint Statement on Complex Financial Products and Retail Investors

Retail investors have a wide array of investment options available to them, including an increasing number and type of investment products that are more complex than conventional stock and bond investments.[1] These complex products may be exchange-traded or sold directly to investors. Among these products are “leveraged/inverse” products, which seek to provide leveraged or inverse exposure to an underlying index by a specified multiple (e.g., 2x), generally on a daily basis, as well as products that provide investment exposure to less conventional assets, including commodity prices.  We believe that these leveraged/inverse products and other complex products may

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SEC’s Division of Investment Management Director Takes Stock and Looks Ahead

Good Morning. Thank you Barry [Barbash] and Paul [Roye] for the kind introduction and thank you and PLI for inviting me to speak again with you. I looked back at my remarks the last time I was with you. Two years ago, the focus of our discussion primarily centered on SEC rulemaking regarding Standards of Conduct for Financial Professionals and Liquidity Risk Management.[1] This year, we have many more items on the agenda, and COVID-19 has reshaped our lives, tested our markets and reordered – but not reduced – our priorities.

Clearly, there’s more to discuss than I can

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SEC Update on Regulatory Relief During the Pandemic

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are centered, first and foremost, on the health and safety of our employees and all Americans.  The Commission’s recognition of the corresponding need of market participants to also prioritize health and safety while ensuring the continuity of operations essential to the orderly function of our capital markets, drove the prompt actions of the Commission and its staff in the early stages of the pandemic’s effects in the United States.  We have assessed these actions in light of developments over the past several months, current conditions and our

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SEC’s Director of Investment Management Division Talks Securities Law Developments

Good Morning. Thank you Susan [Olson], and thank you all for the opportunity to come back and update you on the Division’s work.[1]

I recently came across a September Compliance Minute Podcast, titled: Where Have you Gone, Dalia Blass?[2] In the podcast, Mr. Todd Cipperman wanted an update on initiatives that I had announced last March, including the exchange-traded funds (ETF) final rule and the proposed updates to the investment adviser advertising and solicitation rules. I enjoyed listening to the podcast because it reminded me of how much work we undertook and also how much we achieved.


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SEC Investment-Management Director Talks Conduct Standards and Liquidity Risk

I am going to touch on two areas of work that reflect our efforts to be a responsive regulator that seeks engagement from all as we develop regulatory policies: the standards of conduct for investment professionals and liquidity risk management.

Before I dive in, let me pause for the disclaimer. I am speaking today only for myself and not for the Commission, the Commissioners or the staff.[2]

Standards of Conduct for Investment Professionals

The Commission recently proposed for public comment a significant rulemaking package on the standards of conduct for investment professionals.[3] The proposals are intended to serve … Read more