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SEC Chair Speaks About Enhanced Investor Protections in the OTC Market

Technology has driven many efficiencies in our markets.  Technology can also enhance investor protection.  Today, we recognize that, as a result of technological change, information can and should be made available to over-the-counter (“OTC”) market investors in a more timely manner.

Ensuring that investors have access to material information so they can make informed investment decisions is a cornerstone of our federal securities laws.  Information about companies in the OTC market is less available than it is for issuers that are listed on a national securities exchange.  Yet, OTC securities, which include securities referred to as “penny stocks,” are primarily

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SEC Chair Clayton Discusses Modernizing Framework for Disclosures

Good morning. This is an open meeting of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, under the Government in the Sunshine Act. I would like start today’s meeting by welcoming Commissioner Crenshaw to her first open meeting.

Today [August 26], we are considering amendments to modernize the description of business, legal proceedings, and risk factor disclosures that companies are required to make under Regulation S-K.  These amendments are part of the Commission’s broader efforts to retroactively review and improve our public company disclosure framework and related requirements.

First, I want to put this work in context.  The rules we adopt today

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SEC Officials Offer Update on the Consolidated Audit Trail

Today [August 21], the Commission proposed amendments to the national market system (“NMS”) plan governing the consolidated audit trail (“CAT NMS Plan”). The proposed amendments are designed to enhance data security related to the ongoing development and operations of the consolidated audit trail (“CAT”). In 2016, the Commission approved the CAT NMS Plan prepared by FINRA and the national securities exchanges (collectively, the “SROs”) which included various security requirements.[1] Today’s proposal would take additional steps to reduce cybersecurity risks and is the latest in a series of Commission actions to move the development of the CAT forward and enhance

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SEC Chairman Speaks on Amendments to Proxy Solicitation Rules

Good morning.  This is an open meeting of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, under the Government in the Sunshine Act.  Today we have two items on the agenda, both continuations of our ongoing work to modernize and enhance the accuracy, transparency and effectiveness of our proxy voting system.[1]

I want to make two general observations.  First, today’s recommendations are the fruits of a rigorous and well-functioning rulemaking process where final rules reflect and benefit from the input of a wide array of market participants with a myriad of interests and perspectives.  The proposing release that the Commission issued

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SEC Chair Clayton Addresses the Financial Stability Oversight Council

Market Functioning and Monitoring

We have continued our efforts to help facilitate the orderly and fair market function, including in coordination with our colleagues at the Federal Reserve and Treasury.[1]

Market activity has remained active in June and thus far in July, but has declined from the peaks in late February and March.  By way of just a few examples:

  • On the last day of February 2020, we observed the second most shares traded ever, 19.3 billion shares.  In June, the average remained quite high by historical standards at 13.3 billion shares per day.  By comparison, in June of

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SEC Update on Regulatory Relief During the Pandemic

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are centered, first and foremost, on the health and safety of our employees and all Americans.  The Commission’s recognition of the corresponding need of market participants to also prioritize health and safety while ensuring the continuity of operations essential to the orderly function of our capital markets, drove the prompt actions of the Commission and its staff in the early stages of the pandemic’s effects in the United States.  We have assessed these actions in light of developments over the past several months, current conditions and our

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SEC Chair Speaks on Small Business Capital Formation

Welcome to the 39th Annual Small Business Forum. I want to thank Martha and the staff in the Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation – that includes Colin, Jenny, Jessica, Julie, Malika and Todd – for their significant efforts to forge ahead and organize this virtual forum.

Although I would have much preferred to have been out on the road as we have in the past few years, going to Austin, Columbus and Omaha, that is just not possible this year. Thanks to our Office of Information Technology and the good work of Martha and her

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SEC Chair Clayton Speaks on Municipal Securities Disclosure

Good afternoon everyone. Thank you to the Office of Municipal Securities for organizing this conference.  And thank you to all the panelists for taking time to join us today.[1]

State of the Municipal Securities Market

Since December 2018, when the Office of Municipal Securities last held a conference on disclosure for municipal securities market, there have been several notable changes in the municipal securities market.[2]

  • New municipal issuance for 2019 was over $450 billion.  Notably, taxable issuance increased to over $70 billion in 2019, largely in the second half of the year.
  • Retail ownership of municipal securities, including

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SEC Chairman Speaks to Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee

Thank you, Michael [Heaney]. Good morning everyone, and welcome to this year’s second meeting of the Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee. Thank you for joining us. I am glad we are able to meet virtually today.

I would like to welcome Mark Kim of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board as our newest member of the Committee, and I would like to thank the former MSRB designated representative, John Bagley, for his meaningful contributions to the Committee.

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Chairman Clayton Speaks to SEC’s Asset Management Advisory Committee

I look forward to hearing the Committee’s insights into the effects of the pandemic on the asset management industry and, in particular, our long-term Main Street investors.[1]  An essential component of our national response to, and recovery from, COVID-19 will be the continuing, orderly operation of our markets and the continued flows of capital and credit throughout our economy.  The asset management industry has a pivotal role to play in both orderly market operation and the generation and absorption of capital flows.  Investment funds and advisers are an important link between these market realities and the interests of our

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SEC Chair Clayton Speaks on Market Function and Monitoring and Disclosure

From a systemic risk point of view, the SEC’s primary responsibilities[1] in this period of stress are three-fold:

  1. Market function. Using our authority, expertise and experience to help ensure the continuing, orderly and fair function of the securities markets—including equities, fixed income securities, funds and other products.
  2. Market monitoring. Monitoring market prices and price movements, flows of capital and availability of credit to assess functionality and resiliency of the capital markets—and taking action, including providing regulatory relief and guidance, as appropriate.
  3. Corporate and other issuer disclosure. Monitoring and providing guidance concerning, and emphasizing, timely and accurate

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SEC Chair Addresses Proposed Equity Market Data-Governance Reforms

Good afternoon.  This is an open meeting of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on May 6, 2020, under the Government in the Sunshine Act.  The Commission today will consider a staff recommendation to issue an Order that would direct the registered equities exchanges and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) to propose a new, single national market system (“NMS”) plan to govern the public dissemination of real-time, consolidated market data for NMS stocks.

Throughout my tenure as Chairman, I have discussed the need for the Commission to focus additional analytical resources on our ever evolving market structure.[1]  U.S.

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SEC Chair Addresses Special Meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee

Thank you, Anne (Sheehan).  I really appreciate your prompt response to our request to reconvene a special meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee to focus on issuer-investor engagement in the context of the challenges posed by COVID-19, including, in particular, disclosure considerations.

Over the last several weeks, my colleagues and I have had multiple teleconferences with retail and institutional investors, investor advocates, including members of this Committee, auditors, public company executives and board members.  There were two common themes in those meetings—(1) the importance of keeping markets functioning and (2) the importance of keeping investors and markets apprised about the

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Top SEC Officials Address What to Say on Earnings Calls During Pandemic

The SEC’s three part mission—maintain market integrity, facilitate capital formation and protect investors—takes on particular importance in times of economic uncertainty.  Disclosure—providing the public with the information necessary to make informed investment decisions—is fundamental to furthering each aspect of our mission.[i]

In the coming weeks, our public companies will be issuing earnings releases and conducting analyst and investor calls.  We urge companies to provide as much information as is practicable regarding their current financial and operating status, as well as their future operational and financial planning.  In an effort to facilitate robust disclosure and engagement, we provide the following

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SEC Chair on Investors, Allocation of Resources, and Regulation Best Interest in Uncertain Times

Over 57 million American households are invested in our securities markets.  The interests of these individuals—our long-term Main Street investors—are the lens through which we evaluate whether we are effectively advancing the SEC’s mission.  The 4,500 women and men of the SEC are committed to these investors and the integrity of our markets.  The uncertainties caused by COVID-19 have not changed our perspective or commitment.

Approach to Allocation of Resources, Oversight and Rulemaking

In recent weeks, the Commission has been assisting market participants in their efforts to continue business operations, including investor service operations, in the face of various challenges

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SEC Chairman on the Essential Connections Among Markets, Businesses, and Workers in the Time of Covid-19

Over the past several weeks, my colleagues at the SEC, other regulators, elected officials, market participants and others have asked my views on the functioning of our capital markets, and the importance of those markets, in the context of our fight against COVID-19.[1]  In response, I have stated that, to the extent possible, our markets should function through challenging and uncertain economic times.  In certain cases, I have elaborated on the basis for my views.  Because we are being called upon to make various decisions and provide advice to other decision makers in response to COVID-19, I believe it

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SEC Chair Clayton on Proposed Amendments to Volcker Rule and Disclosure Items

Volcker Rule

Today, the Commission joined the Federal Reserve, OCC, FDIC and CFTC in proposing additional amendments to the implementing regulations under section 13 of the Bank Holding Company Act, commonly known as the “Volcker Rule.”[1]  The proposed amendments, which principally relate to the “covered funds” provisions of the Volcker Rule, represent the next step in the Agencies’ efforts to better tailor and clarify the implementing regulations while furthering the Volcker Rule’s important statutory objectives.[2]

Joint Agency Rulemaking and the Commission’s Three Part Mission

The Commission’s three part mission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient

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SEC Chair Clayton Speaks at Inaugural Meeting of Asset Management Advisory Committee

I am delighted to welcome you in this new year to the inaugural meeting of the Commission’s newest advisory committee—the Asset Management Advisory Committee, or the “AMAC.”[1] I apologize that I am not there to speak to you in person. I am in Europe for meetings with my international counterparts on matters that relate directly to the evolution and globalization of the asset management industry, including (1) whether there is a mismatch in investor expectations and market realities regarding liquidity depth in various equity, fixed income and alternative asset markets, and (2) issues raised by the reference rate transition

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SEC Chair Clayton Addresses Proposed Order on Access to Equity Market Data

Good morning.  This is an open meeting of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on January 8, 2020, under the Government in the Sunshine Act.  The Commission today will consider a staff recommendation to issue for public comment a Proposed Order that would require self-regulatory organizations to propose a new national market system plan to govern the public dissemination of real-time, consolidated market data for NMS stocks.

In July of 2017, in my first public remarks as SEC Chairman, I identified market structure as an area where the Commission and its staff should focus our analytical resources.[1]  The U.S.

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Chairman Clayton Delivers Statement at Open Meeting of SEC

Good morning.  This is an open meeting of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, under the Government in the Sunshine Act.

Today, we have six items on the agenda.  As I’ve remarked in the past, we must efficiently allocate the Commission’s limited resources to a combination of statutory mandates and the needs of the day.  The diverse array of items on today’s agenda illustrates this point – we are considering actions that represent the Commission’s continued efforts to complete the remaining, complex mandates of the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as a proposal that reflects our continued efforts to update and

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