ISS Reviews ESG Equity Indices in 2021

With some exceptions, 2021 was a generally strong year for equity markets around the world. Impressively, passive ESG products such as ETFs garnered significant inflows of over $150 billion dollars and saw asset under management growth of over 80% globally. In 2021, ISS ESG marked the one-year anniversary of our initial proprietary index launches, the ISS ESG US Diversity Index and the Governance QualityScore (QGS) Index family. We also launched our ISS ESG EVA Leaders Index family, an innovative index approach combining corporate sustainability with economic profitability.

In this note we provide a short summary of the total return performance

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ISS Revisits the Performance of ESG Screened Indexes During the Pandemic

Nearly a year ago, we analyzed the outperformance of ESG strategies during the initial stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As of May 2020, we found that ESG indexes based on ISS ESG data had outperformed by 1.3% to 2.8%, with lower volatility than their benchmark over the first five months of 2020. In this article we revisit those findings to examine whether the ESG outperformance has held up as global stock markets have strongly recovered.

We focus here on the Solactive ISS ESG Screened Series, an index family which integrates ISS ESG’s most frequently requested ESG filters including:

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