A Pressing Topic for the Corporate Social Voice

The frightening deficiencies in U.S. public health preparedness are an appropriate, and pressing, topic to be addressed by the recently dormant corporate social voice.

One of the central tenets of the corporate social responsibility movement is a broader perspective on corporate purpose, focusing on the interests of all organizational stakeholders – including shareholders, employees, communities, suppliers, and customers. These stakeholders are increasingly challenging corporations to address sensitive social and political issues, particularly when they perceive government as unwilling or unable to do so.

And, over the last several years, portions of the business community have responded to this challenge, … Read more

The Governance Implications of Business Disruption

In 2018, corporate boards will increasingly be called upon to respond to how innovative competitors disrupt their companies’ business models.  These competitors use technology, scale, and sharp insights into consumers to lower prices, improve products and services, and draw customers away from traditional companies, forcing those companies to cut costs and lose relevance.[1] Blockbuster, Borders, and ESPN are prime examples of victims of nimble disruptors.

Victims typically overlook the trajectory of disruptors, which focus initially on perfecting their business models rather than their products or services.[2]  Flawed governance can lead to such oversight by making it hard for … Read more