The Causes and Consequences of Increased Cross-border Shareholder Activism

In a recent working paper, we look at what drives shareholder activism around the world and focus specifically on the role of corporate governance reforms.


While shareholder activism has been a force in U.S. capital markets for some time, the last decade has seen an explosion in activism globally, including in countries where activists have previously had little influence.  Our research explores what explains this growth and focuses specifically on the role of changes in regulations and laws that facilitate activism. We develop a country-level framework of regulatory characteristics that serve as necessary precursors for minority shareholders to influence … Read more

Can Securities Regulation Solve Social Problems?

Regulators seem to think so. In the Dodd-Frank Act, policymakers made an unprecedented move towards using securities regulation to address issues unrelated to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) core mission of protecting investors and maintaining the fair and efficient functioning of financial markets. The Dodd-Frank Act requires financial statement dissemination of information regarding purchases of war minerals from Congo and mine health and safety performance. The objectives of these policies are noble—more than ten million people have died in Africa’s Great War and every year hundreds of workers are injured or killed in U.S. mines. Yet, can such regulation … Read more